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Testing JoeUser
Published on November 26, 2003 By Kaedrin In Welcome
Is this my first post? Well anyways, I use Movable Type for my blog, but JoeUser appears to have several fantastic and somewhat unique features that I'd like to explore using. Chief among them are the built in referal listing system, rating system, and the way people access archives (being able to go to the "Next Page" of posts is one of the most obvious, yet oddly missing, features a weblog should have).

Anyway, I just wanted to play around with JoeUser for a bit to get a feel for how it differs from other tools. So far, the only big drawback that I see (and I'm not sure if it is this way or not) is that I cannot customize the look and feel of the blog, nor can I host the blogging software on my own site...
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